Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Beginning

Hi Friend,

You are most welcome to this blog of mine!

From the name of my blog, you obviously know that I am also into Software Testing business like you. :)
As of now, by June 2008, I have 5yrs of experience in Software Testing field.

Reason to start this blogging effort:

We keep on changing jobs & therefore keep on facing interviews during this transition. There are variety of people who conduct interviews & can ask any damn question, which we will never be able to predict. But while this is true, there are so many standard questions related to Software Testing. And we are sure to face at least a handful of those in each interview. Same stands true for Certification Exams like ISTQB, CSTE etc. I tried to look for answers to these standard questions and found many different answers, really! Wh
ile I was continuously looking for answers to new questions, a small collection of good answers got created with me. So this is an effort to share those answers with you. Hence the name "Software Testing Answers".

In each blog of mine, only a single question will be answered and that would be the Best Answer to that Question, of course, according to me. :D If you think, that is not true, please comment the blog. I will update the answer if your suggestion/comment is valid enough.

If you have a Software Testing related question, please send it to me at st.answers@gmail.com and I will add that question with the Best Answer to my blog as soon as possible.

Hope this blog helps you to get that Dream Job OR clear Certification Exams!!!

Best of Luck to You!

-Ambarish :)

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